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Mental Trap

Beaverton, United States

From 100 USD

From the creators of 13th Door Haunted House and Glowing Greens, Haunting Productions llc has developed an interactive Mental Trap Escape Room Game

From 100 USD

Capacity: 4-10


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Don't miss playing exit games if you want to have fun in Beaverton. Have you ever tried escape rooms? You don't have to be afraid. You just have one job: escape in time, if you can. You have to find a way out with your friends by solving puzzles. Each solution leads you closer to escape successfully. Escape games will challenge your logic and team-working skills ass well. So if you have creativity to solve mindquests, and you are a team player, then you have almost everything to succeed. So grab your buddies or your co-workers and have a great fun at one of the escape rooms above.