List of Escape Room Games

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Escape Zone

Bellaire, United States

From 25 USD

60 Intense Minutes! Work together with friends, family, even coworkers to find clues and solve the puzzles to ESCAPE.

From 25 USD

Capacity: 2-10


Test the escape rooms of Bellaire!

Bellaire has some exciting escape rooms that really worth to take a look at.Are you ready for the adventure?

Test the escape rooms of Bellaire!

Test your skills in the escape rooms of Bellaire! This is the ultimate opportunity to sharp your mind and have fun at the same time. In order to complete the game and escape the room, you have to solve different puzzles and riddles, hack codes to open the locks that keep you away from freedom. Escape games are created for groups, usually played by five, eight people, so if you want to reach success, you must be a real team player. these games can be played from the age of ten or twelve, it provides fun for every generation, and everybody who looking for some adventure. Book your game today in Bellaire!