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Trapped in Bismarck

Bismarck, United States

From 20 USD

You’ve heard about them. You never thought you’d have the chance to actually be in one. Well, think again. Trapped in Bismarck is ready to put you and your

From 20 USD

Capacity: 2-10

Have you ever played escape games? If not, than it's time to! Play in North Dakota's capital!

North Dakota's escape room games

Have you ever been in Bismarck? Have you ever played escape room games? If not, it's time for both! escape room games are the best way to pass your free time, especially when the cold winter is coming! Escape game is played by a team of friends and family, which is locked in a room, and the goal is to escape in time. The capacity of the rooms are usually between two and six people, and they have one hour or forty five minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the room in time. Playing escape room games are the best way to test your logical thinking skills and have fun at the same time! Book your adventure to day in Bismarck!