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Boies Escape

Boise, United States

From 28 USD

Puzzles, locks, keys and secret doors?.. Your team of 2-8 players are locked in a themed house with only one goal? get out of there before the hour runs out! To

From 28 USD

Capacity: 2-12

Escape if You can! Try escape room games in Boise and show your team working skills to your friends! Take a look at the biggest room escape database now!

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Do you want to experience a lot of fun with your friends? If the answer is yes, then room escape games are made for you. What is it all about? In a nutshell you have limited time to solve mindquests to leave a locked room. It really test your speed of thinking, and creativity as well. It won't be easy but if you can good at solving puzzles and team working then you've got all the chance to escape. What do you think are you ready for this challenge. We are looking forward to see you with your friends at one of the escape rooms above. Get ready and choose one for the special offers now! Escape room games are perfect for team buildings so you can ask your co-workers to join ass well.