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Exit Games

Exit Games

Bonner Springs, United States

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An escape game experience! Break out from rooms in 60 mins or less to become a true escape artist. Located in Bonner Springs, KS - 15 mins from the Legends KC.

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 913-208-7017

300 Oak St, Suite D, Bonner Springs, KS 66012

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25 USD

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Our facilities include three unique escape game experiences, each with a different theme and set of puzzles. 

The game rooms are set up for 2-8 people at any given time, and each room will be given 60 minutes to escape. Clues and hints are provided through an in-room screen, and all answers to the puzzles are somewhere within each room.

There are exit buttons in case of emergency or bathroom breaks. Entering in the final code by the door to the exit will stop the timer and give an official time. Each room will be challenging, so having a group of friends, family, co-workers, or others that work well together is encouraged. 

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This was the kind of scheme that you were born to perfect - in and out quick, no hostages, no mess. You know this scenario like the back of your hand and, to top it off, it just so happens to include the biggest payoff of your life. One big heist - maybe the last of your career. You draw up the perfect plan and account for every variable as you and your partners prepare to take on this incredible and dangerous task. Though having partners that you know you can trust certainly eases your mind, you can't help but wonder - with all that is at stake, what would happen if you were... Betrayed?

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