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The Great Lake Escape

Brainerd, United States

From 18 USD

You and up to 7 others will enter a fully themed room to solve your challenge.... in 60 minutes. Collect clues, find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and most importantly, work together as a team to succeed!  ...

From 18 USD

Capacity: 2-8

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Escape games are all about logic and team working ability. If you got this two skills than you have all the chance to succeed in real life escape games. Take a look at the games listed above to find the best offer to you in Brainerd. Grab your friends and co-workers and book a room now to taste this new way of fun, you won't regret it. It is a perfect chance to show your friends how poinful and adroit you are or to see how you can work together as a team. Read the F.A.Q. if you wnat to now more about escape games or don't hesitate to contact us is you have special questions!