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Times Up!

Cary, United States

From 25 USD

Times Up! Escape Rooms are exhilarating, interactive experiences designed to test the wits of the participants. Small groups are put into a room and have 60 min

From 25 USD

Capacity: 2-8

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Escape games in Cary

Have you ever heard about escape room games? No? Than it's time to invite your friends, and discover this ass-kicking adventure! Escape games are real team games, usually played by about four, eight people. They are locked in a room, and they have to escape in time. The only way to complete the challenge, is to work together as a real team, use your intelligence and creativity to solve riddles and puzzles, and investigate after clues. Now you can have this experience in Cary, or thanks to our collecting site, every part of the world. So even if you travel around the world, you don't need to miss this awesome escape experience! Do you think you have what it takes to escape? Find out today!