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Foxborough, United States

From 17 USD

5 Wits adventures are cutting-edge, live-action entertainment venues that immerse you in realistic, hands-on experiences. Computer-controlled special effects and physical interactions put you in the center of the action,...

From 17 USD

Capacity: 2-10

Play escape room games, share the experience with your friends, and have have fun in Foxborough.

Be smart as a fox in Foxborough's escape room games!

Foxborough hides some real treasures,like escape room games, which provides you really quality fun! If you don't know what escape game is, let me tell you what it is about: the point is, a group of people locked in a room, and they have to escape in time by solving puzzle, find objects, and unlock doors. The time limit is one hour, the number of the team mates depends on the room. You can choose between a bunch of stories as the different games has different stories that you can be the part of. Now you have all the infos you need, so nothing can stop you to book your escape game today in Foxborough!