The Escape Plan - Highland Park

The Escape Plan

The Escape Plan

Highland Park, United States

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Founded in July 2015, we are a group of adventure-seekers, thinkers, and competitive problem solvers, each with our own unique sets of talents and skills, but common...

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 808-209-6545

311 Raritan Ave

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25 USD

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We will not hesitate to bring a rich experience to the Escape Room scene.


After the murder of little Abigail, her parents were accused for her death. Filled with grief, shock, and a desire for truth, the family's loyal butler now requests your dire assistance trying to solve the mysterious death of his master's beloved daughter. The police are at a dead end because their primary investigator has gone missing while in pursuit of evidence. Now, as the butler’s secret investigators, it is up to all of you to find the truth and finally solve the case. All the suspects of the mansion are about to be questioned, and you have one hour to infiltrate the room before they are released and you are discovered.