A Narrow Escape - Hot Springs

A Narrow Escape

A Narrow Escape

Hot Springs, United States

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Located in beautiful downtown Hot Springs, A Narrow Escape is a family friendly experience that will keep you on your toes.

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Capacity: 2-6


801 Central Ave Suite 37 Hot Springs, Arkansas, 71901

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20 USD

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Within the sparkling gem that is Hot Springs, Arkansas, we aim to bring to life a story that entertains and enraptures..
Hot Springs is home to an ecclectic blend of art, music, and entertainment.  Nestled among the lively shops and venues, A Narrow Escape is an opportunity for your friends and family to experience a grand adventure in a place where time is no longer barred by the restraints of this universe.  Traveling among decades, you will be transported to an era long forgotten, but still very much alive.  There will be no hauntings or mysteries.
There will only be you and your ability to escape the madness.
Stepping into our lobby sets the stage for your task ahead.  You will be briefed prior to entering the room.  **Visit our FAQ page for a detailed explanation of a(n) escape/puzzle room.  We want to ensure you and your team leave having made great memories.
Upon your briefing, you should feel confident in knowing what is expected of you.  Be sure to address any questions you may have to your host at this time.  **It is recommended to review our FAQs prior to booking.
We look forward to monitoring your progress in our simulations.  Time is never on your side, so focus and work as a team.  With a keen eye, you just might make a narrow escape.


A Clinical Trial

Ah... 1953.
The Yankees are the world champs.  We all get to meet the Coppertone Girl, and what a doll she is!  Unfortunately, we lose ole Hank Williams, and country music suffers greatly (though I hear his boy can carry a tune quite nicely).
The year 1953 is tumultuous, but no achievement can top that of the famous geneticists Watson, Crick, and Franklin.  The work of this trio introduces the scientific community to the double helical structure of DNA, a discovery that will pave a new future for all fields of science.
Researchers across the globe are engaged in a rat race to lead our fellow scientists across the cusp of greatness at this new horizon.  Let me be very clear:
Wade Cosmetics will NOT be left in the dust.
Scientific findings are happening on a daily basis, and we are ready to lead the race.  Cosmetics used to be the primary focus of our laboratories, but Wade Cosmetics is beginning to see an area of need in true biological research.  Science is becoming so concerned with "ethics" and the "safety of subjects."  Blasphemy!  How on earth could you get real results without real tests of will?
You will be our subject.
We need strong individuals like you to stand the test of our breaking discoveries.  Though your resolve may be tested, we are certain you will emerge victorious!
Join us at Wade Cosmetics, and be a part of history in the making.  You will take part in our very first ever human subject test.  Detailed questions will be answered upon arrival*, but prepare yourself to think outside of the box.  Our experiment is not for the weak-spirited traveler.  We fully intend to engage you and your companions on several psychological levels**.