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Live Escape Adventure

Live Escape Adventure

Las Vegas, United States

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Live Escape Adventure is Las Vegas?s newest live room escape game. We invite you to test yourself against our immersive and challenging rooms. Choose from the Pharaoh?s...

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Phone: 702 - 405-6355

6376 W. Sahara Ave

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40 USD

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Take a break from the blackjack tables and try a fresh, exciting way to have fun. Whether you are on vacation or live here, Live Escape Adventure is a great way to celebrate any special occasion:


The discovery of a lifetime! You have uncovered the entrance to a Pharaoh’s tomb. While others have attempted to gain entrance, no explorer has ever returned. Upon entering, a trap is set and you cannot back out. You have one hour to explore the tomb and escape before you run out of air, starve to death, or become stricken by the Pharaoh's curse.
DIFFICULTY: Moderate to Hard


You are underworld loan sharks looking to collect on a large debt. You stop by the office of a wealthy borrower who is late on her payment. But, upon entering her office you are informed she has rushed to the airport to flee the country. Her flight departs in one hour! You must unravel the clues to discover where she is headed and exit the room if you hope to see your money again.
Difficulty: Easiest


You have been wrongfully accused of a series of horrible murders and found guilty. You and your cell mates are scheduled for a date with the electric chair and that date is today! Fortunately your family has arranged for a prison riot to distract the guards. While you are in a holding cell the guards leave the death chamber unattended. You have one hour to find a way out and escape your fate!