Empress of the globe - Las Vegas

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Empress of the globe

Las Vegas, United States

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A once in a lifetime opportunity! The Globe, the most legendary ship of all, passed by your turf with rumors saying that a treasure with the power to rule to

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Capacity: 4-8

Phone: +1 (702)2374164

3300 S Jones Blvd Suite 201 Las Vegas, Nevada, 89146

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seas is being transported by the legendary captain, The Empress, and her crew. Knowing that you are outgunned; your only option is to outsmart them. Your crew disguises themselves to have been in a horrible tragedy at sea, and ask for The Empress’s help reaching shore, hoping that you will find the chance to steal their treasure once you get onboard. However, The Empress ordered her men to lock you up instead! Find a way to escape with the treasure!