Prison break - Las Vegas

Rush to Escape

Prison break

Las Vegas, United States

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You have been wrongly accused! There is a riot in the prison, and for some reason the Warden has moved you away from the other prisoners, to the abandoned

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 702-763-6455

2185 E Windmill Ln. Suite 300

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end of the prison.  This end of the prison has been empty since 4 inmates disappeared from their cells sixteen years ago.  

There are several theories of what has happened to those inmates.  Some inmates believe that the gaurds took them and disposed of their bodies.  Some say they escaped and covered their tracks so well that that the gaurds never found out how.  The guards say the most bizarre of them all.  They say this end of the prison is haunted.  Whatever happened, the cells haven't been touched since they disappeared.

Can you escape!