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1 Hour 2 escape

Lewisville, United States

From 27 USD

From 27 USD

Capacity: 2-8

Have you heard about escape rooms? Be cool and try the escape room games in Lewisville, suburb of Dallas, Texas!

Escape game experience in Lewisville

Try something new, something different If you bored of video games and cinema, but don't know how to spend your leisure time, come and play escape room games! Lewisville have some escape room that provide you the opportunity to challenge yourself, and test your mind! If you don't know what is an escape game, basically it's a team game, a few people are locked in a room, and they have to find a way out by investigating after clues, solve riddles, and hack codes to open doors and escape! Invite your friends and family to experience the pure fun and excitement together in Lewisville!