Central Arkansas Escape - Little Rock
Central Arkansas Escape - Little Rock

Central Arkansas Escape

Central Arkansas Escape

Little Rock, United States

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Real Life Escape Game.
Best Night Out Ever.
Thrilling Team-Building. 

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: (501) 396-9787

109 E C Ave.,

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20 USD

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Ultimate Family Adventure.Escape by Finding Clues and Solving Puzzles.
One Room, 60 Minutes, One Way Out.Only Your Wits to Help You.


The Missile Silo

Welcome to your first day at Titan 1138, the country's best missile defense silo! As our newest recruits, hired for your ingenuity and problem-solving skills, you are filling the shoes of our recently retired technician. After working for us for several decades, he had a tremendous amount of experience in keeping the facility running smoothly. So, the sooner you get trained, the better. We want to avoid any accidents. This missile program is the country's last line of defense and would only be used in case of extreme country-wide emergencies. We are grateful that we have had no such incident... yet. Surely NOTHING will go wrong while you are touring your new assignment. Please come in and familiarize yourself with the control room so that, in case of an emergency, you will handle the situation admirably! Good luck!

The Alchemist's Laboratory

So you'd like to be an apprentice of the renowned alchemist, Aurum Morphosis? Wise, indeed! He is rumored to have found the formula to turn common elements into gold. Morphosis has gone to market for some potions, so you're in charge of his laboratory while he's away. Can you resist the temptation to find where he keeps the formula – and all the gold he’s been making! If you're clever enough, you'll find the formula, but you'll also need cunning to escape with it before he comes back and catches you!