The Starlet Killer - Los Angeles

Captured LA

The Starlet Killer

Los Angeles, United States

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The year is 1947--the place, Los Angeles California. You, like so many others, are a young Hollywood starlet looking to make it big in Tinsel Town. As things

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 213.986.5421

435 S Broadway

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go, you find yourself in the apartment of a local talent agent who has promised you fame and fortune.  This is how things are in this town; all it takes is getting to know the right person to make you a star.  But there’s more to this city than movies, glamour, money and jazz.  In the shadows cast by the bright lights of the city lays a dark and dirty underworld-- a world where happily ever after is but a farce.  Deep in this underworld is a man—no--a monster on the prowl, thirsty for the blood of young hopefuls.  You should have known something was off about a drink call Devil’s Kiss--you thought something tasted funny about that drink--these are the thoughts that run through your mind as your eyes grow impossible to keep open.  You have been drugged!  As you regain consciousness you overhear someone talking on the phone—“I’ll be back by six o’clock” before the phone slams down.  The front door opens then closes as your captor leaves you for an hour and you make your move!  Can you uncover the secrets of his apartment before it's too late, or will your demise become yet another Los Angeles legend?