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The Philosopher

Los Angeles, United States

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Our debut room at Escapables puts you in the office of a Philosophy professor where everything isn’t quite what it seems.

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Capacity: 2-12

Phone: 866-769-9037

Southern California

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Dr. Allister Longbottom is well-respected on campus; more out of fear than anything. He’s committed to proving that Philosophy is the loftiest field of study, and treats it with the utmost seriousness. Any sort of prank or joke at his expense would certainly earn the prankster a failing grade — not to mention Dr. Longbottom’s determined attempts to sabotage their future career prospects (yes, he’d go that far). The final project for his Intro to Philosophy class is a major wash-out point for the majority of the class. Your group has labored over this assignment for weeks, but the one member tasked with submitting it has made a disastrous mistake: an early draft of the project spreadsheet was accidentally attached, and every quote, from Plato to Kierkegaard, is replaced with the filler text “Dr. Very Long Bottoms” repeated over and over. Everyone had a good laugh at the time, but nobody wants Dr. Longbottom to get the last (very maniacal) laugh. If there’s anything lucky about this situation, it’s that your group has managed to solicit the aid of a helpful Grad Assistant who would hate to see yet another group of bright-eyed students crushed under Longbottom’s thumb. Your GA offers to let you all into Dr. Longbottom’s office, overseeing your attempts to gain access to his computer and delete the offending file. You’ve only got 25 minutes before he’s back for office hours — his angriest time of the day. Can you do it?

One fun twist on our room is that an actor is in the room with the team the whole time and is part of the story. The actor will lead the group in and start the time, as well as do the wrap-up after the game is over. Teams can be comprised of 2 – 12 people and the game runs in 30 minute increments. At the conclusion of each game, there is a 10-minute break while the team that has just completed the challenge, takes team pictures and the room is reset for the next team. Our standard package runs the room for 4 hours and 5 minutes and allows up to 84 people to play. Additional hours can be added for longer events and more teams, as can a second copy of the room to allow two teams to play at one time which can then accommodate up to 168 people in the standard time frame. We can also offer solo games or less games depending on your needs. As an additional bonus, one of our leadership experts can provide a wrap up with each team identifying the team’s strengths and weaknesses and opportunities to improve group communication.