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Haunted Recording Studio

Los Angeles, United States

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The story of the Haunted Recording Studio begins in 1915. Red October Revolution is in the air. The brightest members of Russian society try to escape from the

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: 1 (323) 975-0735

3611 Cahuenga Blvd W

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2 Player: 70 USD
35 USD / Player
3 Player: 105 USD
35 USD / Player
4 Player: 140 USD
35 USD / Player
5 Player: 175 USD
35 USD / Player
6 Player: 210 USD
35 USD / Player

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titanic drowning of a once powerful Empire. Famous opera singer, Natalie Granoff, finds her way through Austria to Spain and then across the ocean to USA. Stepping onto new ground, Natalie does her best to keep on pursuing her passion – singing. Immigrant life is not easy, especially when you have to learn a whole new language from scratch and have a little daughter to raise on your own!

But the lucky star of Ms. Granoff shines brightly - by 1916 she's back on track already. Through common friends, she gets in touch with A list producer Misha Glen. Escapee from eastern Europe himself, Misha found his way to the heights of the dream factory and is an influential person in the world of music. The young singer is so beautiful that the producer can't help but fall deeply in love. Thus, he builds from scratch, a highly equipped recording studio on the very edge of Hollywood, inviting Natalie to record her first ever single in America.

Given that amazing opportunity, the beautiful singer works day in and day out at the studio, collaborating with one of the most talented musicians of his era - Zak Ozny. Natalie and Zak work on a cover of one of her favorite folklore songs, 'Fly away on the wings of wind'.

Poor naive thing, she never knew the real intentions beneath Mr. Glen's actions – the utmost desire for a young, beautiful girl. But she never felt the same for him – she's into the young and highly talented Zak who she spends days and nights at the studio with. A romance between the two young people reveals itself as time passes. The love triangle finally explodes one late, dark December evening, while the trio are at the studio. Mr. Glen explains himself expressively but she rejects him – a scandal, Zak decides to leave them alone, and no one witnesses what happens after.

The only things known – Natalie was never seen again and the studio was never open and running again. Big talk in Hollywood, an orphan left behind – the LAPD is incapable of charging the powerful producer with a crime.

Only God knows what has been happening at the Haunted Recording Studio until Michael Granoff – a descendant of Natalie’s, opens the doors of the studio in memory of his famous ancestor after a century past. He did his best in 2016, but business went downhill pretty fast – mysterious sounds and equipment malfunctions would stop the recording sessions. And scary shadows in the hallway would freak out customers.

Bad word of mouth spread fast – no one wants to deal with a studio inhabited by a ghost!

Want to help Natalie release her spirit and finally rest in peace? Want to help Michael bring the studio back on track? You're welcome to, but DO remember… if you don't escape from the studio within an hour – your poor soul will join Natalie in eternal imprisonment at the Haunted Recording Studio!