Space Squad - Los Angeles

Two Bit Circus

Space Squad

Los Angeles, United States

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The only visible light comes from a small numeric keypad mounted at eye level. The lab is in security lockdown, awaiting a valid code and time is running out.

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Capacity: 3-8

Phone: 323.250.9964

650 Moulton Ave

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For the next hour the lab comes alive! You and your friends move through several rooms uncovering clues, exploring an alien artifact through virtual reality, and piloting a rover through an inhospitable frozen tundra.
Welcome to Story Room, a unique multiplayer experience that combines problem solving with character twists to create a new form of live entertainment. You and your friends solve puzzles distributed across 1,000 square feet of immersive storytelling and high-tech fun. Each action and decision made affects your entire adventure, so step inside and take control.

- 60 minutes of live action

- Uniquely engaging social platform

- Customizable for any audience or venue

- Unforgettable addition to any brand activation or special event

It’s Myst for the real world. It’s a choose your own adventure series for the 21st century. It’s the future of fun.