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Break Out Louisville

Louisville, United States

From 24 USD

Escape games have come to Louisville, and it's a brand‑new entertainment experience!

From 24 USD

Capacity: 2-7

Louisville provides you some excellent escape games so grab the opportunity, and book your tickets today!

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The city, where ninety percent of the US disco balls produced have some escape games as well. What is escape game in a few words? Pure Fun! But really it's more than that. This is a team game so it's best with your friends or family, but some places provide you the opportunity to play with strangers if you want to gain a different game experience. The point is you are locked in a unique furnished room and you have to escape in time. The time limit is one hour or forty five minutes. To complete the game successfully, you have to solve riddles, and open locks to be able to escape. Don't waste your time, let's play in Louisville!