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Escape The Massacre

Montgomery, United States

From 30 USD

Kidnapped by a deranged man whos greatest pleasure is seeing you play the game of life or death.

He has left you a series of puzzles to be Solved & locks to be opened but the clock is counting down....

From 30 USD

Capacity: 2-12

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The capital of Alabama, The city where the velvet voice, Nat King Cole was born. This town has everything that you might need if you want to visit a historical city or even if you want to have some fun, Alabama welcomes you! It has first class escape room games that satisfies the lovers of this interactive and intense game. If you never played escape room games before, this is the right place for you to try it! To experience the maximum fun that this game can provide, take your friends and family because this is a real team game, that tests your intellect, and logical thinking skills. Can you escape in time? Try to escape in Montgomery!