ASDF Escape - New Brunswick

ASDF Escape

ASDF Escape

New Brunswick, United States

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Room A: The Kidnapping
You woke up in a room that isn't your own. Last thing you remember is group of masked people in fatigues...

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: (848) 202-1199

94 Bayard Street, 1st Floor

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29 USD

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Room B: The Robbery

You’ve been robbed.  All your life’s savings, gone!  Luckily, you know who did it.  In an effort to get your money back, you broke into the culprit’s office.  While entering, you accidentally tripped an alarm.  It takes one hour for the police to respond.  You have that much time to find your money, and incriminating evidence about the person that robbed you, before the cops arrive and you’re the one put in jail...