Zombie Experience - New York

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Zombie Experience

New York, United States

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Ever scream at a character in your typical Zombie flix, “No, not that way!”, or even better, “RUN STUPID!” Well now you can experience being that charac

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Capacity: 2-8

Phone: 718-361-9152

4711 Van Dam Street

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 Battle wave after wave of Zombies as Players are unleashed in the Ayslum with only one objective , get the antidote and MAKE IT OUT ALIVE!!! Find out who your real friends are, will they watch your back or cut and run, leaving you to battle alone thru the Zombie Gauntlet of death. See why Red Bull Mag named our Zombie Experience "The Great Escape" and how the New York Times describes us as "The perfect place to hunt the living dead..." Be ready to experience the most action packed 30 mins $20 bucks can buy!