Boxed Up - New York

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Boxed Up

New York, United States

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Hello, my name is Jim Moriarty. I like to play with my toys and make them do whatever I want.

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Capacity: 2

Phone: +1 347-551-4808

52 Kent Street Brooklyn

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28 USD

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I like to keep my toys in boxes and if they can’t solve my puzzles I blow them up. If you haven’t already guessed, yes, you are my toys. Can’t wait to play with you. This will be fun!....For me. 

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to fill out the necessary paperwork, take care of your needs, and get instructions for the adventure. Starting from your scheduled time you will have 60 minutes to complete the adventure. In case you are late, your time will be shortened.
All visitors must be at least 16 years old or between 12 and 15 years old with the permission and consent of their parents or legal guardian. "21+" rated scenarios require valid ID.