Biotech Labs - New York

Mystery Room Midtown

Biotech Labs

New York, United States

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While investigating Edward’s disappearance, Biotech Labs did not cooperate with your detective team. Your team decides to search Biotech Labs without a warran

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Capacity: 2-10


365 7th Avenue

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With the security system disabled for one hour, your team is given a chance to sneak in to search the space for evidence, specifically a data disk. Upon entering, the security system initiates its reactivation and locks the door, forcing your team to find a way to escape the nebulous organization called Biotech Labs.

Our escape game follows a nonlinear storyline. You DO NOT need to play them in order. You will not be at a disadvantage for not playing the other chapters. Players that have played an escape game before will be pleased to know that each of our chapters are different in play style and 100% different in the types of puzzles within.