Penthouse 116 - New York

Mystery Room

Penthouse 116

New York, United States

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You are a group of detectives, investigating a report of a missing employee named Edward Daniels. Gynecology, LabCorp, biohazard waste, his home seems to be

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Capacity: 2-10


139 Centre Street Suite PH 116 New York, NY, 10013

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located within a series of medical offices. As you enter his residence, the door locks and you realize that there is much more to his disappearance than you were led to believe… You will have an hour to escape the room. As you and your team find clues to liberate yourselves, you will slowly unravel the sinister story you are now a part of.

Our escape game follows a nonlinear storyline. You DO NOT need to play them in order. You will not be at a disadvantage for not playing the other chapters. Players that have played an escape game before will be pleased to know that each of our chapters are different in play style and 100% different in the types of puzzles within.