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Redmond, United States

From 30 USD / player

Real Escape Room in Redmond Seattle Area

From 30 USD / player

Capacity: 2-8

Redmond has escape room games that you really must try if you want to experience some real unforgettable adventure!

Welcome to Redmond!

The fact that Redmond is the home city of Microsoft shows how great this town is, and it's not surprising they have escape room games. If you don't know what escape game is, you have to try it as soon as possible, because it's a real life time experience! First of all, this is a team game so you have to bring your friends or family. You are going to be locked in a room, and you will have one hour to escape. The only way out is to solve riddles, combine elements and hack codes to finish the game. It's not just fun, but a mental and logical training either. Don't miss it choose your escape room in Redmond today!