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Divergent Realities

DRIFT Missions

San Diego, United States

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Each DRIFT Mission is part of a bigger story that slowly unfolds as each mission is played. All series consist of four DRIFT Missions; You can choose to play

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Capacity: 3-8

Phone: (858) 633-3001

7380 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Suite 207 (2nd floor facing parking lot)

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any number of missions in any series, any order. A fifth secret mission will be unlocked if the first four in the series is completed. These missions are for large groups of Agents, and you reap greater rewards if you're in it for the long haul. Each mission is self contained and can be played in about an hour. DRIFT Missions are fully immersive with a briefing, debreifing, and a secret Agent's field kit. Be prepared for a good mental challenge with these missions.

Unusual desert land deals, dead environmental leaders, and a lethal threat. Who's behind it all and why? Something big is happening, and our best informant just turned up dead. Can your team of Agents piece together the sinister plot and avert tragedy?