Einstein's Office - San Diego

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Einstein's Office

San Diego, United States

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Trapped in another dimension in Einstein's office. Can you escape and return home safely before the wormhole closes?

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: 619-642-0095

3956 4th Avenue

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You're the fun one in the group, and frankly, you're sick of going to that same bar with Erica. You need something new and different—something where you can laugh both with and at your friends. That's where we come in. We aren't just a puzzle game but an experiment in human psychology. Find out how your group responds under pressure. Will they start to unravel as the clock runs out of time, or will you pull it together just in time to escape from impending doom?

Will trying to unlock the secrets and successfully escape truly strengthen intra-office camaraderie and improve team dynamics; or, will it instead just make things weird between you and Sheila in payroll? There's only one way to find out!