JD Beckett's PI Office - San Diego

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JD Beckett's PI Office

San Diego, United States

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Private investigator JD Beckett was investigating a Murder case when he went missing. Can you pick up where he left off and solve the crime?

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Capacity: 3-5

Phone: (858) 634-0125

5575 Magnatron Blvd. Suite H San Diego CA, 92111

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3 Player: 95 USD
32 USD / Player
4 Player: 115 USD
29 USD / Player
5 Player: 130 USD
26 USD / Player

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Two identical rooms to race your friends!
No matter the age or education level, everyone excels at something. The game breaks many barriers and lets you bond without outside influences or distractions. Your kids will want to do this with you... everyone so focused on the tasks at hand they won’t even miss their cell phones! You will find yourselves working together from the start.