The Study - San Diego


The Study

San Diego, United States

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Now ladies and Gentlemen, just step through this door and you will find yourself in a very curious immersion we've procured for you generously offered by the

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Capacity: 3-5

Phone: 619-402-1466

841 14th St. San Diego, CA 92101

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2 Player: 75 USD
38 USD / Player
3 Player: 75 USD
25 USD / Player
4 Player: 100 USD
25 USD / Player
5 Player: 125 USD
25 USD / Player

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late J. D. Howell. We call it The Study. It is completely harmless I assure you. Please, don't bring food, drink, or exceptionally tasty patrons inside please. Why? Oh no reason really. Just standard practice. Also, it would be best to avoid both the black ick and the end of the dimensional tether to minimize losses.

Anyways, we'll be back in an hour to see how you're progressing. Oh, and if you happen to stumble upon anything relating to Mr. Howell or anything about him whatsoever, please stop all activity immediately and alert an attendant right away before understanding anything at all. Streeper Industries reserves the right to purge any and all classified information from patrons through any means it deems necessary. Thank you and have a lovely Immersion.  Please now enjoy the SI-Sanctioned teaser text below.

A room lost in space and time awaits you with its many mysteries. Desks and drawers, all patiently waiting. Where did it come from? Why were you brought here? Why is the ceiling floating away, and why is there black ick everywhere? And of course the most important question; the one you will be asking yourself over and over again as your time slowly drains away:

Will you be clever enough to make it out?

This Immersion is an Escape Room. The object of the game is to enter the room, solve the puzzles inside, and get out before you run out of time. You will receive a score based on how well you did, and it will be posted on the leaderboard afterwards.