Legend X Iteration - Santa Ana

Legend X Iteration

Legend X Iteration

Santa Ana, United States

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A secret organization found by world profound superheroes, in disguise as a local business, to search for their next successors.  Individuals working as a team...

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Capacity: 2-7

Phone: (657) 234-5594

3816 S. BRISTOL St Suite N

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their experience. To prove you have what it takes to become the next superhero:  You may have to travel through time, you may have to fight dragon, and you may have to investigate a crime theme with famous detectors.  Your move may turn a new page on the story, and your decision may change the fate of the characters.


Room 1 – The Royal Library

Travel back to ancient China where the old empire hid their secret treasure of glory in the Royal Library. What power could this forbidden seal possibly hold? Find it before it falls into the wrong hand!

Room 2 – The Alley

“All Evils” is coveting the power of the forbidden seal and placed a mysterious barrier to stop you from returning to our time. Recreate the circle of binding and show the evils no mercy!
“All Evils” is coveting the power of the forbidden seal to do… you know, his evil things. Be brave when facing the obstacles he put in front of you. Seek advice from the Oracle to destroy the evil barrier shield!

Room 3 – Old Inn

Solve the puzzles of the four noble plants and master the four scholar arts to light up the path of a noblest legend!The inn keeper, an immortal alchemist, is long waiting for your arrival. Prove him your nobility by finding the four noble plants and master the four arts of Chinese scholars to unveil the infinite power of the Forbidden Seal.