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Sioux Falls, United States

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Live Escape games are the latest worldwide craze designed to challenge your mind and senses with clues, puzzles, gadgets and teamwork all blended together to...

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: 605-271-7717

3718 S Westport Ave Sioux

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2 Player: 60 USD
30 USD / Player
3 Player: 90 USD
30 USD / Player
4 Player: 120 USD
30 USD / Player
5 Player: 150 USD
30 USD / Player
6 Player: 180 USD
30 USD / Player

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Now you too can experience this 60 minute world wide phenomena right in your own back yard. Escape 605 is the first ever live escape game in Sioux Falls. Escape 605 presents you with the challenge of immersing yourself and your teammates into a cleverly themed room armed only with your wits and the collaboration of your teammates to solve all of the clues in just 60 minutes and escape. Scenarios ranging from being locked in a bank searching for clues in the vault or trapped in the 80's in Aunt Edna's condo shuffling through her 80's relics in order to find her hidden inheritance will surely test your skills. Whether you are a full time gamer, a CEO or are enjoying retirement, this live problem solving experience fits every demographic. Escape 605 is the perfect stage for corporate team building or to simply have a night out with family and friends to escape your screens for an hour. This real life gaming challenge is waiting for you. 
All you need to ask yourself is : do you have what it takes to escape?


Aunt Edna’s Condo

Your poor old Aunt Edna has been growing increasingly paranoid over recent years. Since the passing of her husband and the payout of his sizable life insurance policy, she has suspected the entire family has been trying to steal the inheritance. Now that she has been moved into a nursing home, she is appealing to you, her favorite relative, to enter her condo, retrieve some personal belongings, and arrange to have them sent to her. The inheritance is carefully hidden somewhere in Edna’s condo, and it’s protected by layers of tricks and traps. If you are clever and quick, you may be able to find this wealth that has eluded many before!

Bank Heist

You are a member of a successful crime syndicate, and your specialty has always been safe cracking. Today, you will be facing your greatest challenge yet, as you and your team attempt a heist at the Valley Isle Bank. Your recon team has just completed phase one of the heist – they have ensured the building is empty and gained access to the bank manager’s office, where the door to the vault awaits. They have assessed the situation and have reported that this particular vault is going to be difficult to compromise. They have discreetly hidden clues, tools and hints around the office which you will need to complete your job as safe cracker. Recon also reports that they have suspended the security system for 60 minutes. If you do manage to enter the vault, you will have to make a crucial decision: take the available money and run or stay just a little longer to try to significantly increase your take!!

Helter Skelter
Coming Soon

In recent months, a mysterious serial killer who identifies himself as ‘The Revolutionary’ committed four ghastly murders around the United States. Today, more victims have been captured, and are currently being held in a closet in his makeshift lair. Luckily, the victims are easy to locate thanks to cell phone GPS technology, and a group of brave individuals has arrived at the lair to attempt a rescue. Always one step ahead, The Revolutionary set a trap just inside his front door, and now the rescuers are also trapped in a closet in the lair. In 60 minutes, The Revolutionary will return to commit his fifth gruesome crime, unless the victims and rescuers can escape the serial killer’s lair!

This is not a scary escape room (just a little creepy). The goal of Helter Skelter is providing players with a challenging puzzle series.