The Escape Room DFW - South Lake

The Escape Room DFW

The Escape Room DFW

South Lake, United States

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Come play our escape games to experience a unique, interactive form of entertainment.  Get locked in a room filled with hidden clues and cryptic puzzles, and...

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Capacity: 2-7

Phone: (817) 488-4848

280 Commerce St. Suite 285,

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25 USD

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in under 60 minutes.  Will you be able to think creatively and work together to escape before the clock expires?  It’s great fun for friends, families, corporate teams, or church groups.  Located just 5 miles from DFW airport in Southlake, TX.  BOOK YOUR ESCAPE EPISODE TODAY!

Prison Break

Max 7 Players

The exotic food, rich culture, and beautiful landscape of Asia enticed you to vacation there.  However, misfortune comes upon you suddenly as soldiers from an infamous terrorist organization ambushes your tour group and takes you as prisoners to their compound.  Escape as quickly as possible before you find yourself at the mercy of their ruthlessness.


Max 7 Players

A mysterious dwelling,a dark secret,
and the foreboding presence of a shadowy enemy await you.
NOTE: This episode is more darkly themed and recommended for adults.


Max 7 Players- UNDER RENOVATION APRIL 16th-MAY 16th

A homicide case has gone cold after several years without a single suspect.  The victim’s family has since lost faith in local authorities to find the criminal.  They now turn to your P.I. firm for help.  They are asking you to investigate the residence of Dr. Vincent Kane, an oral surgeon who they now believe could have a connection with the crime.  Search his home for evidence of his involvement and then get out before he returns.


Max 8 Players

A mission worker has heard rumors of the very particular set of skills that you’ve acquired over a very long career of escaping.  She seeks your aid in the rescue of a girl who has become the victim of human trafficking.  To do this, your group will initially split in 2 to infiltrate the hotel where the girl is being forced to work and then find a way to rescue her before someone becomes suspicious of your activities.