Mastermind Room Escape - St. Louis

Mastermind Room Escape

Mastermind Room Escape

St. Louis, United States

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Everybody’s got what it takes to Mastermind their escape from our rooms. The question is do you know how to use what you’ve got? Find the answers, follow...

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Capacity: 2-12

Phone: (314) 203 0547

440 N. 4th St. ste 290 St.

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24 USD

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The Diamond Heist

Your team must Mastermind your escape by quickly solving puzzles and uncovering the path to the diamond. Don’t be distracted by the diamond’s glittery gleam. Try to stay calm and efficient to make the ultimate heist before the police arrive!

The Castle

The Evil King has stolen the Good King’s crown. It is your mission to gain access to the castle, make a sleeping potion to put the guards to sleep, and steal the crown before the guards awaken and imprison you.
(This room is not scary. It is fully lit at all times and there are no live actors in the room).
A killer has taken your group hostage. You will have to find your way out of his lair before he returns to get you. Hopefully, you are quick enough to escape and avoid becoming his next victims!