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Exit Strategy

Wayne, United States

From 31 USD

Chicago, 1930: A crime boss controls the underworld of the city with an iron grip. Despite Prohibition in full effect, his network of speakeasies and casinos continues to run unobstructed on every downtown corner. 

From 31 USD

Capacity: 2-8

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Escape game is a real free time activity, that can't be compared with anything else, because it's really unique! The game is interactive the action is in your hand, success depends on your skills of logical thinking, investigating, and team player abilities. It's not enough to be smart here, you must be fast as well because you have to complete the mission before you run out of time! The escape games are really popular in every generation, because the different rooms have different difficulty levels and themes, so everybody can find the perfect game for themselves. Book your room today in Wayne!