Amarillo Suit Escape - Amarillo

Amarillo Suit Escape

Amarillo Suit Escape

Amarillo, United States

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This is a live action escape experience.

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Capacity: 2-6

Phone: (623) 551-3111

715 S. Lamar, Amarillo, TX 79106 us

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20 USD

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Book one of our suites online- The Recruits or The Art Critic. Can you be a real life spy and escape if you needed to? Do you have an eye for art to help you find visual clues to save an art exhibit before it is destroyed? Escape your normal routine and come and see us for a little bit of adventure. One hour in our suite, talk and laugh about it over dinner or drinks afterward and many weeks later. Good memories for family fun! Watch your family members work through the puzzles and be proud as your children find the solutions that you miss! You can't go wrong with this unique entertainment for any occasion.


The Recruits:
So you think you have what it takes to be a spy? Come and test your skills. See if you can pass our entrance exam. "Trust us...we're with the government." Escape our test suite in sixty minutes and we'll decide if you've got what it takes. Click The Recruits picture for more information. 

Art Critic:
If you've got an eye for art, then you won't mind being locked up in this suite for an hour. Gaze upon the various works of art and find the hidden clues left by a mischievous vandal. The curator is calling upon anyone willing to help save their art exhibit. The vandal has given a one hour time limit that starts once the door is locked behind the rescue team to save the art or it will be completely destroyed. Click Art Critic picture for more information.

First Assignment:
Dr. Dravarian of the CDC has gone missing!  It's up to you to figure out what he was working on, if he went rogue, went into hiding, was kidnapped, or worse!  You're off to a secret location on your first clandestine mission for the Agency.  Click First Assignment picture for more information.