Exodus Escape Room - Anaheim

Exodus Escape Room

Exodus Escape Room

Anaheim, United States

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Beat the clock to turn the lock! Exodus Escape Room is a real life adventure game where you are locked in a room. The goal is simple ? you have 60 minutes to wo

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Capacity: 2-20

Phone: (714) 392-7909

5140 E La Palma Ave #203, Anaheim, California

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30 USD

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crack codes and solve ciphers to escape. Spend one action-packed hour at Exodus Escape Room. Work on puzzles, solve clues and work in a team to escape. The real life adventure game has been designed for small groups of 2-14 people and each game has a different number of allowable players.


Quake Escape
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Masquerade Manor: Anaheim Hills
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Sherlock’s Study
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Trap Room
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