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Escape Level6

Annville, United States

From 25 USD

Tick tock, tick tock. The sound of the clock as the tension rises. Your pulse quickens. Repeatedly you look over the room for something you missed. It must be here. You're frantic! How do I escape?

From 25 USD

Capacity: 2-10


Escape Games in Annville

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What is escape game? The concept is clear, and simple: one room, one hour. Can you escape in time? Call your friends and family, create groups, and let the adventure begin! You and your group of friends are going to be locked in a room, and you have to escape in one hour. If you want to complete the mission in time, you will have to use your creativity, gather the clues and use the hidden elements in order to solve the puzzles, and unlock the keys to escape in time. Test your problem solving skills, and discover your inner sherlock Holmes! This game is excellent for companies around Annville for team building events as well!