Escape Level6 - Annville
Escape Level6 - Annville

Escape Level6

Escape Level6

Annville, United States

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Tick tock, tick tock. The sound of the clock as the tension rises. Your pulse quickens. Repeatedly you look over the room for something you missed. It must be here....

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: 1 717-926-8918


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Can you follow the clues, find the keys and solve the puzzles before time runs out? The best 60 minutes of fun for everyone. Challenge your inner Sherlock Holmes. Challenge your intellect. Challenge your friends. See if you can... 


Blue Eyed Six: Murder for Hire

You've heard the story, now come play the adventure. Set back in 1879, Six men found Ol' Joe’s insurance money too tempting to resist. Joe was a simple and reclusive man who was worth more dead than alive. And although Joe seemed to be in good health, these ruthless men were about to fix that. Ol' Joe has to go. Right to his grave. With no witnesses, no suspicions and all the insurance money; they had gotten away with murder. Or had they? We challenge you to piece together all the clues, unlock all the hidden secrets, and gather enough evidence to find them guilty. Before time runs out!

Three Mile Island: Nuclear Meltdown

In a world concerned about the environment, using a nuclear reactor is cleaner... right? Living next to one is safe... right? But in the middle of a non-descript night in 1979, during some routine maintenance, things went wrong, and everything about a safe nuclear plant changed. Sometimes going by the book, puts us all in danger. So, faced with failing relief valves, unreliable sensors and no training, can you stop the damage, reverse the run away nuclear reactor, and piece together the sequence that saves the core from meltdown?
Coming soon!