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Kersey Valley Escape

Archdale, United States

From 28 USD

Kersey Valley Room Escapes are team building activities that create scenarios where participants must rely on each other, their ability to communicate and their

From 28 USD

Capacity: 2-12


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The team at Kersey Valley knows how to escape grey everydays by creating extremely detailed environments. Kersey Valley Spookywoods is always on the cutting edge of haunted house design, after 31 years of producing amazing sets and characters. Now you have the chance to spend time inside their world with your friends trying to solve riddles and codes to escape the room. So next time you come to Archdale, don't forget to visit the escape game with the greatest history around! Do you have what it takes to conquer your fears and escape in time? Test your skills in Archdale's number one escape game!