Kersey Valley Escape - Archdale

Kersey Valley Escape

Kersey Valley Escape

Archdale, United States

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Kersey Valley Room Escapes are team building activities that create scenarios where participants must rely on each other, their ability to communicate and their

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Capacity: 2-12

Phone: 336-431-1700

1615 Kersey Valley Rd Archdale, NC 27263

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28 USD

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Participants must use their wit, detective skills, team work to find clues, solve puzzles and unlock a door within 60 minutes to escape our ghost town themed rooms. Participants get to go back in time to an era when gun slingers and tumbleweeds roamed the streets. Don?t just go to a movie to sit and watch the action. With Kersey Valley Escape, you get to participate in the game as you and your friends and co-workers become the heroes who race against the clock to determine your own fate.

Haunted Manor

The highly detailed haunted manor is the entrance to Spookywoods haunted attraction and now you can come experience it as a multi-room haunted Escape Game. The hardest puzzles that require the entire groups brain power. Expect startle scares, loud noises and times of total darkness.

Dead Wood

Step back in time into a Western saloon. This game is a kind of bar particular to the Old West. Saloons served customers such as fur trappers, cowboys, soldiers, prospectors, miners, and gamblers. You and your gang of outlaws have just 60 clicks on the old clock to gather all the clues, solve the many puzzle and combinations to make a great escape back out into the streets of ghost town


Bring your A game as this room is dark and creepy. This game requires a “hands on” approach to dive in deep to find clues.  Brush up on your detective skills and remember their is strength in team work. Times of total darkness could occur.  Don’t worry, if you get touched it’s not by an employee.  We don’t play that kind of game at Kersey Valley.