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Escape The Space

Athens, United States

From 26 USD

We are a unique facility in Athens designed as a REAL LIFE, ESCAPE CHALLENGE! Imagine waking up in a room, with a number of other people, having no idea where y

From 26 USD

Capacity: 1-9


Escape room games in Athens

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Live escape games in Athens

Do you want to go to Athens but Europe is too far away for you? Don't panic, be calm, and choose the american Athens! I don't want to lie to you it's totally not the same experience, but don't be sad, because the american city has escape room games! Great news right?You never heard about escape room games? This game is about pure fun and adventure: a group of people locked in a room, and they have to escape in time by solving different puzzles, hack codes and unlock doors, find and combine hidden objects, and use your inner detective! Does it sound like fun for you? Book your game today in Athens!