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Escape The Space

Escape The Space

Athens, United States

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We are a unique facility in Athens designed as a REAL LIFE, ESCAPE CHALLENGE! Imagine waking up in a room, with a number of other people, having no idea where y

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Capacity: 1-9

Phone: (706) 389-5931

297 Prince Ave. Athens, GA 30630

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What if it was up to you, and those around you, to figure out how to ESCAPE? What if the only way out relied on your ability to collectively unearth clues that had been hidden throughout the room? What if you all had to use these clues to solve a series of fiendishly clever riddles? What if you only had 60 minutes to escape? Would you have what it takes to Escape the Space?



(14 Person Room) You are part of an elite SWAT team tasked with entering an apartment where a group of criminals have been planning an attack in the Athens area. Its up to you and your team to discover when, where, and how they plan to attack. Along the way you will be tasked with defusing an actual bomb.


(14 Person Room) Your room is filled with included and all of you have slowly driven the teacher insane! In retaliation, the teacher has locked all of you inside of a wildly complicated detention room. Can you out wit your troubled teacher & figure out how to escape detention.

Murder Mystery

(14 Person Room) A well known judge has died...but not without some serious kinks in the process. You see, the judge knew he was being watched. He had been working with a Private Investigator to narrow down the potential killer! What's your alibi? It's time to judge or be judged...OR ELSE!

O'Malley's Pub

(4 Person Room) Chef, & Pub owner, Julie O'Malley has stepped out at the most inconvenient time...YOUR FIRST DAY OF WORK! Even worse...she is one coo-coo chef! Her methods are hard to follow, her receipts are slightly confusing, and she is leaving everything up to you! Here's hoping nothing goes wrong!