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Bolt NWA

Bentonville, United States

From 20 USD

Welcome to Bolt NWA! Northwest Arkansas' Ultimate Escape Room Attraction. You and up to seven other people, have just one hour to find the clues, solve the puzzles, work together, and escape the room, earning yoursel...

From 20 USD

Capacity: 2-10


Escape room games in Bentonville

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Bentonville and it's escape games

Are you going to Bentonville, but still have no idea what to do in your free time? If i were you, i would go and test the escape room games of the city! Do you know what is escape game? Don't worry, I'll explain it to you: The point of the game is, a team locked in a room and they have to escape in time by working together as a real team, investigate for clues,and solving riddles. The time limit is usually one hour, or forty-five minutes, depends on the difficulty level of the room. Companies love escape games as well because they have the opportunity to organize team building events. Book your game today in Bentonville!