Bolt NWA - Bentonville

Bolt NWA

Bolt NWA

Bentonville, United States

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Welcome to Bolt NWA! Northwest Arkansas' Ultimate Escape Room Attraction. You and up to seven other people, have just one hour to find the clues, solve the puzzles,...

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Capacity: 2-10

Phone: 479-385-9665

2618 SE J Street, Suite 8., Bentonville, Arkansas 72712

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20 USD

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The BoltNWA Experience!
BoltNWA! is unlike any other attraction in Bentonville. We are an interactive entertainment experience which combines logical puzzles, critical thinking, and team coorperation, with all the flair of a scene straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. It’s your team, your friends, or you and a group of complete strangers, in a race against the clock to escape. 

Who is BoltNWA For?
Maybe you are a gamer, and grow tired of paying 60 dollars on a new game, only to beat it within a day. Bolt! is for you. Bolt! is a blend of popular games and the whits of creative Game Masters. Follow the logic, determine the order, and break out, and get your picture on the wall of honor. Once you beat our rooms you can purchase our exclusive T-Shirt!

Its Party Time At BoltNWA!
Do you have a birthday planned, but no place to make the fun happen? Do you have a corporate team building event needing a little room for fun? How about a friendly group night out on the town and you want a place to kick it off? BoltNWA is here for you!  



2 to 8 Bolters

What started as a nice hike in the Ozark's beautiful woods turns into a hikers' worst dream. LOCKED! You have fallen into a paranoid ex-military hillbilly's doomsday bunker. Surrounded by puzzles mixed with backwoods madness do you have what it takes to escape this LOCKED! nightmare?

The Vault

2 to 8 Bolters​

Welcome to Bolt Bank & Trust. We value our customers and their treasures. We have a state of the art Vault to keep your wealth safe. Well that was.. their motto. Now its your turn to crack the Vault and take "The Organization"'s money. The hacker got you started, Professor Max sold them the gold. They locked you in a Hostel. Now its time to take it back.

The Professor's Study

​3 to 10 Bolters

You have discovered the secret study of the late Professor Maximilian von Strahd, famed treasure hunter. Legend has it that his greatest treasure is hidden safely within the walls of his secret study. In all the years since his passing, no one has discovered his untold riches, until now! You and your fellow treasure hunters have are now trapped inside  his secret sanctuary. He's given you an ultimatum, from beyond the grave. Find his treasure within the hour, and escape, or become a permanent part of his collection.