Break Out Birmingham - Birmingham

Break Out Birmingham

Break Out Birmingham

Birmingham, United States

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1 Room 1 Team 1 Hour to Breakout. Use clues, codes, safes and puzzles to find the final code and breakout of the room.

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Capacity: 3-8

Phone: 205 282-4798

2717 19TH PLACE S HOMEWOOD, AL 35209

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Each Breakout Game is a real life adventure for groups of 3-8 people. It?s great for groups of friends, family, or coworkers. You have one goal: Breakout out of the room in under 1 hour. You?ll solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden items, and more in order to Breakout.

Each Breakout Game is a real‑life escape room adventure for a small group. Work together as a team to escape the room before time runs out. It's great for groups of friends, family, or coworkers. You'll solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden items, and more in order to escape. You have one goal: escape the room in under one hour.


The kidnapping

In this escape room, you and your friends wake up handcuffed in a strange room and realize you have been kidnapped. Luckily you discover some clues hidden throughout the room by a previous victim. Can your team work together to follow the chain of clues and escape the room before the Kidnapper returns?

The Museum Heist

It's the eve of a prestigious art gallery opening, and the museum owner has stolen a rare collection of artwork - the centerpieces of the exhibit. Can your team recover the stolen masterpieces, escape the room and make it to the gallery before it opens in one hour?

Casino Royale

An agent of MI6 has gone missing while investigating organized crime at the famous Casino Royale. In this escape game, your team has been sent to find the missing agent and track down the syndicate responsible. Upon entering the Casino you become trapped and have only an hour to escape with your lives. Can you follow the clues left by your agent and escape in time?

X Island Escape

While vacationing on a tropical island, you awake to the sounds of a dormant volcano slowly rumbling to life. As the noise grows louder you realize the whole island has already evacuated and your friends and family are the only ones left. Your last hope is to work together - search the island for the keys to a nearby boat and try to escape before the lava reaches the shore.


While on a flight, your plane is hijacked and you lose consciousness as the cabin depressurizes. Later you wake up and realize you're trapped, handcuffed to your friends, in the hijackers headquarters. Can you lose your handcuffs, find out the details behind their hijacking and escape before time's up?