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Escape Bloomington

Bloomington, United States

From 28 USD

With time working against you, your team must use clues, common sense, and problem solving skills to find your path to freedom before the clock runs out! Escape in time and get your group photo on our Escapee wall so you...

From 28 USD

Capacity: 2-8

Let Bloomington's room escape games blow your mind! Do you have what it takes to escape in time? Find out now!

Bloomington and escape room games.

Bloomington have some really exciting escape rooms that really worth your attention. The rooms have different difficulty levels so every game provides it's own unique adventure experience. On this site you can find the list of the games and descriptions of the rooms and basically you can find all the informations you may need. You never heard about escape room games? This is a logical puzzle game played by team. You have to escape the room in time by solving riddles, hack codes to unlock doors and gain freedom. You must try the game to learn more about yourself, to realize if you are smart enough to complete the challenges that escape rooms provide you in Bloomington!