Real Escape Game by SCRAP - Brooklyn

Real Escape Game by SCRAP

Real Escape Game by SCRAP

Brooklyn, United States

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SCRAP, creators of the first escape rooms in Japan and the US, host two rooms at their Brooklyn, NY location: Escape from the Mysterious Room and Escape from the...

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Capacity: 11


382 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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strong>Time Limit: 60 minutes
Team Size: 11 people (maximum)
Objective: Find the key to the door and escape!

Real Escape Room NYC Volume 1: Escape from the Mysterious Room

It was supposed to be an ordinary apartment hunt, but something seems strange about this place. It has a desk, chairs, a carpet — everything seems normal, except you have been locked inside with no key! Upon closer inspection, you find a series of mysterious codes… There are ten others in the room with you. Will you be able to escape?

Real Escape Room NYC Vol. 2: Escape from the Time Travel Lab
Activate the time machine!

You are trapped in the mysterious laboratory where, it has been said, they study time travel. The door is locked. A multitude of hidden clues await you. You wonder if they were able to make time travel a realiy… If you cannot find the key to open the exit, you will drop into the spatio-temporal distortion and not be able to return to this world again. Will you be able to escape from the time travel lab?

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