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Epic Escape

Canton, United States

From 120 USD

EPIC ESCAPE is a an adventure beyond anything you've done before. Through EPIC ESCAPE, you will be transported to a different place and time, and will be dared to think differently and work as a team. Intrigue. Myste...

From 120 USD


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Canton is proud to present it's escape room games to everybody who interested in interactive adventure games. This game invented for people who loves real adventure games and spend time together with friends, family. You can choose between different rooms which provides different stories and difficulty levels, so everybody have the chance to choose the best fitting adventure. On this site you can collect all the informations you might need about exit room games all around the world, so if you travel, it makes easy for you to find a game in the city you stay. So if you are in Canton or other part of the world, don't forget to check our site and book your escape game room!